Repeat client really challenged me on this one…I actually wrote…

“you guys got me good this time….”

“ok…so i kinda went there on this version….I was thinking most professional women are into escada, prada and other high end line like its something to aspire to like sex in the city sort of deal…anywho…my fave is little_pink_bookv2b.jpg…let me know what you think….”

“I got your changes…I will be working on them tonight….don’t forget…I am not a girl also…lol”

It was a interesting process and really digging into it to produce a good piece was challenging…I was thinking through out the process the cover will be on and in bookstore shelves…I ran it by some female friends and they liked it…what you guys think…your comments…

Check Out Their Site…

Pink Book Cover Design

Pink Book Cover Design

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