I wanted to give a shout out to Franky of Franky Bananas. I had the honor of talking with the owner about what he did to get started and the thought process behind the designs…Its funny what belief can do for a person if the really desire to make things happen is what I took form the conversation…He’s a cool dude and another interesting thing is the product comes in a box….I wish I had pic…but anywho…here is a blurb from them and some pics…

“FRANKY BANANAS” is a counterculture brand based out of Orange County, California. Nicely tucked away in between Los Angeles and San Diego in the Southern California area.
We design tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, and bags.
Our designs are heavily influenced by various sub/cultures from graffiti ,skate, music, movies and other forms of daily living. Built by the experiences of a group of individuals, with different backgrounds and upbringing, they have managed to put together a brand that is dedicated to bringing appealing yet raw, distinctive art form in their designs.
“FRANKY BANANAS” highly appealing far from commercial!!!!!


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