Client Case File 002: DJ SHANX…ARIZEMAG.COM

Posted: August 13, 2009 in culture, entertainment, graphic design, hip-hop, marketing, music production, visual design
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As result of me hanging out and enjoying my passion for music and networking…DJ Shanx reached out to me (Thank You Homeboy) and blessed me with the opportunity to design the mixtape cover for the upcoming mixtape West Coast Wonders sponsored by Arize Magazine…He basically told me “Go Left Field With It…” so I pumped everything I could into the design. Keeping West Coast in mind…I haven’t forgot the bay…I just kept in mind what people know of the west coast when they think about it….as my mentor Will93 (Update you nickname man!) says…”The west coast includes SanDiego, LA, SF Bay, Seattle, and Portland…None the less…Shanx was happy…Let me know what yall think…

  1. Dj Shanx says:

    I was very pleased with the results and this cover will always stand out due to the fact that this was the first time me and Jussray collaborated.Jussray has his own unique style and he knows what he is doing.I had know clue where he was gonna go with this piece like he said in his blog i told him to go left field and there u have it. After the completion of this project the feedback I was getting was tremendous so I knew from there on I wanted to do more projects with Jussray.

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