Don’t let the title get to you…Here’s the story…I was at work and I saw someone with a blank white(quiet the the off color jokes Beavis) hat and was inspired to make something of it…so I asked I could take the hat and do something with it….and so we have this posting of me creating the hat…

1) I had a plan (the words, colors, type of lettering)

2) I masked off any of the areas I didn’t want to get paint on…

3) I painted the hat twice with a coat of white acrylic paint and I used a heat gun and air dry in between coats and after…

4)Then light spray painting 5 different colors (midnight blue, medium blue, light blue, 2 pinks) on the surface after the hat
air dried well and then again…more heat and air drying…

5) After letting the hat dry well (where the surface does not feel sticky) I then sketch in the letters with a white sakura permapaque

6) After sketching the letters…I filled the letters in again with white acrylic paint…

7) Let that dry for a couple minutes then started with Deco Color markers to fill in details…

8 ) Before the unmasking…I outlined with black….

9) And Wah La…

  1. leticia says:

    I liked the finish product…thank you for showing the step by step process and explaining it…..

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