I had pleasure of doing some some design work for fabulous hair stylist Kim Epps…Most fun I have had doing a business card for someone…Strong design and color choices…

  1. kim Epps says:

    Hey Raymond!
    I want to thank you for the most fabulous business cards ever…You should have showed the back cause of the two color sides. Bananas! We had fun creating and combining energy as usual. I am looking forward to the up and coming projects we have next. More creativity so set it off buddy. I’m excited once again!

  2. You can give me your name and number and I will be sure to pass it on…

  3. Kimm Epps says:

    Hey Raymond, I am sure this message finds you fabulous!

    Just wanted to send you my new location:

    8462 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, 1 block East of La Cienega. (310) 654-8107; LaPorteRougeLA@gmail.com

    Are you on LinkedIn? If so, please reach out.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

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