The Jack and Jill organization commissioned me to do a T-shirt design for competition during the Teen Conference the t-shirt theme: “Drugs, Alcohol, Money…..A New Form of Slavery”…based on the theme I decide to start with a Saul Bass inspired fist in the center then find easily i digestable symbols that represent each word in icon form…

Here is a group of kids wearing the finished product….

In the end…The shirt did get 1st place in the t-shirt competition…I am grateful for the win and thankful that God gives me the talent to be a vessel to help people bring their visions to life through the use of my artistic talent…

  1. Ro says:

    Ray is awesome to work with. Unbelievable artistry..takes an idea and produces exactly what you dreamed of, or better. Ray and I have a long standing working relationship, and I always consult with him FIRST. Thanks for everything Ray – especially your professionalism and management to deadlines.

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