Was commissioned again by DJ Shanx to do the invitation flyer for Ill Camille’s Release Party in LA. Overall, I went with Helvetica Neue as a font and created little embellishments (musical notes, etc.)

On the first draft he wanted to do a basic black and white design with no graphics.

Then on the second version we added the album cover art and sponsor logos.

Here are some of her videos. Great female mc….I really hope she does well…




  1. Thomas Dj Shanx Cauley says:

    Jussray is a monster when it comes to the graphics and he never lets me down thats why I stick to what works. He’s a true trailblazer at his craft and I love it when we get together for assignments and make it happen. I am a fan first of Jussray’s work but it’s a honor and blessing to have him on my team and he is gonna continue to push the envelope so stay tuned for more projects to come cuz itz going down!!!!!!!

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