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On this night I gained a new appreciation of Cumbia music…

Very Be Careful Homepage

Comedian Derrick Ellis commissioned me to do a one-page flyer for his brand of drinking water.

1) Here I just have the label

2) Then I found a hi-res plastic bottle to place the label on

3) I composited the two.

4) Finally, Here is the flyer.

Backstage passes for Ill Camille Show. I really like doing these. I wonder has anyone made a business out of this.


This DJ had a solid set on this night. I happen to catch him when he was having moments…

Local eatery is doing a tribute night to old school Hip Hop. So, I designed accordingly. The yellow flyer is kinda going all out and the bluish purple is more subtle with logos from famous brands back then including, that’s right, the ROO’s logo. 🙂


Spec designs for famous jazz musician. I had to make a halftone of an online photo and then get creative from there.

I got to shoot a series of live performances at the Viceroy in Hollywood. This is one of many. I think my camera had an attitude problem during some of the shows.  Here is one of the few I got some sweet shots from. I really dig the blue guitar. My brother actually has one also too bad he cant play as…


Here Are Their Site Links….

Big Moves Webpage   |   Myspace


Two flyers promoting two of Ill Camille’s shows in Los Angeles at The Airliner and The Key Club. I thought I would include QR Code linking to her Reverb Nation page to get the most out of the flyer.

Here a brochure design I did for an “Agency”. I like the colors and layout I cam up with. Very cool and it fits the whole exercise theme I was going for.