Archive for March 2, 2012

Took a trip to Vegas. Just thought I would practice taking shots in low light. Here’s what I came up with.

I was honored to be asked and allowed to shoot artist Gonja Sufi/Sumach (His Twitter : @GONJASUFI) at the Airliner ( in Downtown LA for Phanteye ( or @phanteye on twitter), a new website that broadcasts live events via the web.

This dude is super cool. He gave me the vibe of the old wiseman on the hill you go and seek wisdom from. He had a great set. Lots of energy in the room. Off the chain!

Argh, I did these pics a while back. Got busy with work. I am practicing doing event flicks. This was a pretty cool venue. Books and cool stuff all around. I want to thank Shake The Hand (follow them on twitter @ShakeTheHand) peeps for letting me shoot this one. I am going to try to do more in future. (Venue – Hemingways–>

Was at a friend’s house during the holidays and decided to take a pic of the Xmas trees. Can you believe they had three fully decorated trees in their house. The trees looked really professional. Take a look for yourself.

I just want to take the time to create a posting that has all of my flyer artwork. I look forward to working on your project soon and thank you to those who allowed me to work on their projects.