Posted: March 9, 2012 in marketing
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So, when I got home. I was thinking about a a philosophy or theory had been puzzling me for sometime.

Since the 80s I believe feature films and illustration have been giving us ideas of the future and what it will look like. Now, in 2012 the then imagery of the future is now. So, what do we create now. After the talk and revisiting Mead’s site. It dawned on me. All the tech we create will evolve and integrate into one another. Also, as we create more and more things and even creating artificial beings. We, like the things we will create that will have intelligence will seek out where we came from. But, will there be a cost if we do that. Do we even want to?

I have come to this conclusion due to observations outside myself of people that are in highly technical careers that deal with computers or biotech tend to seek out a higher power through some medium to experess or find spiritual fulfillment????!!!!! Ehhhhh, enough of that.

Another thing I thought about was concept illustrations for what future technology will look like in urban environments (non-suburban). Wires and metal alloy patchwork misplaced on peoples skin from half done jobs or jobs in progress due to lack of payment or insurance coverage. Things of that nature. I kinda went there since I have been read some stuff by Octavia Butler. But, whatevs…Comment if you like…

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