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Front Room Entertainment’s DJ Shanx hit me up with another project along with The Tree Post Collective ( . These are graphics for a Bay Area campaign for Front Room new artist Ill Camille.

Maybe you wanna know why I chose purple or maybe not. Dunno. I was just feeling this color at the time and I just saw a Mac Dre documentary the night before.

I had pleasure of doing some some design work for fabulous hair stylist Kim Epps…Most fun I have had doing a business card for someone…Strong design and color choices…

Well DJ Mysterio got his cards back…Can you tell he is happy…LOL


Local DJ and close associate asked me to do his business card for him because he was out. I redesign the whole card in Adobe Illustrator. I wish Adobe would makin multiple page docs in illustrator similar to the old school Macromedia Freehand…After all they did buy the company.

Enough of my yapping…His name is DJ Mysterio so of course I used green and different values of gray and made it look like a shiny super hero emblem…