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Here are more tshirt designs I was commissioned to do…

Here are mock ups…


Front Room Entertainment’s DJ Shanx hit me up with another project along with The Tree Post Collective ( . These are graphics for a Bay Area campaign for Front Room new artist Ill Camille.

Maybe you wanna know why I chose purple or maybe not. Dunno. I was just feeling this color at the time and I just saw a Mac Dre documentary the night before.

Front Room Entertainment hit me up to do a small gig for local artist in LA. Just did some clean up of the photo and boosted details and gave it a clean title treatment.

More product from underground comedian Derrick Ellis. I was commissioned
to do logos for his snacks and and candy brands.

Sometimes I have random dreams of color. I just like to get them out so I can get to the more raw artwork. No real thought or concept in these. Just “Digital Doodles”…

DVD Cover Art

Posted: June 7, 2011 in DVD Artwork, illustration, marketing


As with most of the artwork I created. Most was built from scratch. The Golden Sky art was an experiment after seeing some of Dylan Cole (Matte Painter) art. The elements I didn’t like when creating this was the bear. After understanding that style I got a better idea of how key art is made.

The Deadtime Stories cover is the same notion, taking a mixture of online images and making them my own by various photoshop manipulations.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


I met this dude at a gallery and found out he was doing some flash animations. So, I reached out and asked if I could do some of his titling for his animations. I feel it’s necessary as a multimedia graphic artist to explore and keep my skills refined so I can do more artsy stuff as well as work with other artists. So here’s what I came up with.

So, I did this title in Adobe Illustrator (My Favorite) and I wanted the text to kinda look Star Wars gimmicky…

Sample image from the web

Here’s mine

The Final Result

***There’s more to come…