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Here are more tshirt designs I was commissioned to do…

Here are mock ups…

Front Room Entertainment’s DJ Shanx hit me up with another project along with The Tree Post Collective ( . These are graphics for a Bay Area campaign for Front Room new artist Ill Camille.

Maybe you wanna know why I chose purple or maybe not. Dunno. I was just feeling this color at the time and I just saw a Mac Dre documentary the night before.

Front Room Entertainment hit me up to do a small gig for local artist in LA. Just did some clean up of the photo and boosted details and gave it a clean title treatment.

More product from underground comedian Derrick Ellis. I was commissioned
to do logos for his snacks and and candy brands.

Sometimes I have random dreams of color. I just like to get them out so I can get to the more raw artwork. No real thought or concept in these. Just “Digital Doodles”…

DVD Cover Art

Posted: June 7, 2011 in DVD Artwork, illustration, marketing


As with most of the artwork I created. Most was built from scratch. The Golden Sky art was an experiment after seeing some of Dylan Cole (Matte Painter) art. The elements I didn’t like when creating this was the bear. After understanding that style I got a better idea of how key art is made.

The Deadtime Stories cover is the same notion, taking a mixture of online images and making them my own by various photoshop manipulations.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


I met this dude at a gallery and found out he was doing some flash animations. So, I reached out and asked if I could do some of his titling for his animations. I feel it’s necessary as a multimedia graphic artist to explore and keep my skills refined so I can do more artsy stuff as well as work with other artists. So here’s what I came up with.

So, I did this title in Adobe Illustrator (My Favorite) and I wanted the text to kinda look Star Wars gimmicky…

Sample image from the web

Here’s mine

The Final Result

***There’s more to come…

Was commissioned again by DJ Shanx to do the invitation flyer for Ill Camille’s Release Party in LA. Overall, I went with Helvetica Neue as a font and created little embellishments (musical notes, etc.)

On the first draft he wanted to do a basic black and white design with no graphics.

Then on the second version we added the album cover art and sponsor logos.

Here are some of her videos. Great female mc….I really hope she does well…




Here is another new installation from Front Room Entertainment Enterprise’s DJ Shanx and Music Flame’s Chris Jenkins. I was commissioned to do mixtape for the MVP Boys…

On this one they kinda wanted to go with a look similar to Frank Miller’s Sincity with highlights and shadows.

Here is the first version…

The final version…


***Maybe you have seen the ad in the Sweet Factory Magazine (Young Maestro Issue – Page 16-17)


Some cool website badges I designed for a children’s program promoting healthy eating habits in grade school.

SIDE NOTE: When I was creating these I was thinking Wall-E and Yo Gabba-Gabba…Don’t ask me why…(Shrugs shoulders)