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Logos for new restaurant in the Houston area…


Here is the final result…

Did a simple title sequence for Joey Gloor of EDjGe. Took a layered file from Photoshop and imported into Aftereffects. Added color grading and animation and waah laah….

Joey Gloor EDjGE

Here is the link to his site. Check it out: EdjGe Website

Logo concepts I did for a chef for a kosher food event company…

I was commissioned to do a logo design for a new company called PhantEye ( which is short for phantom eye. So, I did a couple of concepts of an eye and here is what I came up with.

Then we decided to get down to some final design concepts.

Then finally…

Front Room Entertainment hit me up to do a small gig for local artist in LA. Just did some clean up of the photo and boosted details and gave it a clean title treatment.

More product from underground comedian Derrick Ellis. I was commissioned
to do logos for his snacks and and candy brands.

This logo was for some production art in a short film. I was commissioned to do the logo for the pretend company in the film.

Logo Designs

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Branding, Logos, marketing

Some of these black and white logos I actually did by hand with a 0.05 rapidograph pen by hand and then I brought into illustrator to clean up. I also want to mention the oval shaped “M” logo was for a friend of mine that Deejays.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Illustrator

Some cool website badges I designed for a children’s program promoting healthy eating habits in grade school.

SIDE NOTE: When I was creating these I was thinking Wall-E and Yo Gabba-Gabba…Don’t ask me why…(Shrugs shoulders)

After designing the Whoopie Bakery logo. I was commissioned to do a character design/illustration. The character is to look friendly and have a universal appeal.

The first draft was a little too modern

The second was just right and more family oriented
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