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Took some cool photos of Bone from the Too Crucial Salute Squad…

We got to use car from …really nice guy…

I just want to take the time to create a posting that has all of my mixtape artwork. I look forward to working on your project soon and thank you to those who allowed me to work on their projects.

Front Room Entertainment hit me up to do a small gig for local artist in LA. Just did some clean up of the photo and boosted details and gave it a clean title treatment.

Was commissioned again by DJ Shanx to do the invitation flyer for Ill Camille’s Release Party in LA. Overall, I went with Helvetica Neue as a font and created little embellishments (musical notes, etc.)

On the first draft he wanted to do a basic black and white design with no graphics.

Then on the second version we added the album cover art and sponsor logos.

Here are some of her videos. Great female mc….I really hope she does well…




I guess things are kinda catching on with the mixtapes. I was commissioned by oldskool hip-hop artist AMG to do digital covers for Malcom Mays.

Doing some research I found out Dionysus was the greek god of wine and partying. So I decide to add that theme as I did the various design progressions.

First Version


Final Version

Here is another new installation from Front Room Entertainment Enterprise’s DJ Shanx and Music Flame’s Chris Jenkins. I was commissioned to do mixtape for the MVP Boys…

On this one they kinda wanted to go with a look similar to Frank Miller’s Sincity with highlights and shadows.

Here is the first version…

The final version…


***Maybe you have seen the ad in the Sweet Factory Magazine (Young Maestro Issue – Page 16-17)


Another design with Hittmenn West DJ, DJ Shanx.

Was commissioned again by DJ Shanx to do design for producer Rick Hughes. He told me to use the color blue and do my thing so I came up with this. Nailed it on the first round.

The art style was influenced by Angeleno artist El Mac and Retna




This was a personal project for DJ Shanx…One of many to come…good dude to work with by far…he was really wanting to do his own mixtape…He commissioned me to do this one…basically he said he wanted trophies and yellow and gold to commemorate the big win for the Lakers…