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Hanging around Disney in Anaheim and I saw this really cool spot to take pics of. My first run was kinda yellow so I made some adjustments to achieve a result I can be happy with.

Pretty Interesting. Saw this birds just sitting near friends house. I was told they visit often. Maybe some sign of good luck.

Whats that? More pics from Big Bear. Well okay then…

Was out at Big Bear. Took some cool pics. Some of the views are breathe taking.

Was in Chinatown in LA. Here are some cool pics I took.

Here are some cool pics of TAO Club/Restaurant in Vegas from my Vegas trip. Pretty cool.

I heard a lot about the Brand Library in Glendale and its great art reference library. So I decided to check it out. Took some pics too!

I found they have a huge CD collection. I mean, they have everything. Here are some cool exterior shots I took while I was there.

Took a trip to Vegas. Just thought I would practice taking shots in low light. Here’s what I came up with.

I was honored to be asked and allowed to shoot artist Gonja Sufi/Sumach (His Twitter : @GONJASUFI) at the Airliner ( in Downtown LA for Phanteye ( or @phanteye on twitter), a new website that broadcasts live events via the web.

This dude is super cool. He gave me the vibe of the old wiseman on the hill you go and seek wisdom from. He had a great set. Lots of energy in the room. Off the chain!

Argh, I did these pics a while back. Got busy with work. I am practicing doing event flicks. This was a pretty cool venue. Books and cool stuff all around. I want to thank Shake The Hand (follow them on twitter @ShakeTheHand) peeps for letting me shoot this one. I am going to try to do more in future. (Venue – Hemingways–>