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This client was fun. I guess living in Hawaii had some to do with it and he wrote instruction manuals for pilots in the military during Nam (NAMMM…in raspy movie preview voice) I was the project manager for this website and I was communicating what he wanted and adding some of my creativity to it with my team that our company outsourced to in Manila (Philippines)

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash



This one was interesting. Not only did we have to use flash we had to do some tricky java scripting to make the mini picture menu below the flash slideshow.

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash



I had to put in time with this one. I had to basically explain the process of how the world of web design works and how to have a good client/project manager relationship with this client. I had to do that to because the client had no clue about graphics, web, etc. So, I patiently took the time to help them understand and finally got this out of this….its amazing as an artist when you just believe in other people’s abilities what you can get out of them…

PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash

Some cool product retouching I did back in the day. I miss doing it.

Some cool website badges I designed for a children’s program promoting healthy eating habits in grade school.

SIDE NOTE: When I was creating these I was thinking Wall-E and Yo Gabba-Gabba…Don’t ask me why…(Shrugs shoulders)

After all the toil, planning, and design. Working with the Palmarium Group we finally got the Overland Cafe website launched.

I was responsible for header banner design and some of the concept layout.

For all you foodies out there, they have great food and very homey atmosphere.


Designed this web icon for blackberry app from a painter document and made a vector graphic of it and then formatted the graphic for the web (png/gif)

Here is a link to the app

Culver City restaurant owner wanted to do website facelift, so I cam up with a couple of concepts…headers and web layout

Here is the current layout…

Here my concepts…

***I have been to the restaurant the food is awesome…the pizza is great…

Got to do another cool digital flyer for Jackie Fabulous for her new comic duo show with Shayla Rivera…For some strange reason I really enjoy working with purples…

I have seen this design before….similar to Christian Audigier…Its more for MMA(Mixed Martial Artist) Guys…For these I did just basic photo retouching and took some vector art and manipulated it and positioned it accordingly…you would be amazed..not all artwork fits well together if you want it to look halfway decent…It came out pretty cool…

Ok…wow…I had to kill it on this one…there were several layers involved and I have to push and pull colors in and out of each layer…I mixed color from camera raw settings on tiff files which you aren’t supposed to do…and painted in and painted out colors I wanted using a Wacom tablet…It took me a couple hours to do…I am happy with the results…Let me know what you think…

Wow….this was interesting…I had no idea the people that designed military uniforms have a High-End fashion line….The more you design the more you learn….Here are some web banners I did….