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Was kinda bored. Went Toy status and painted some letters on three 8.5 inch x 11 inch pieces of canvas. Gesso’d, spraypaint, acrylic, and marker.

After seeing Will Barras and Mr.Jago design I wanted to do some stuff of my own. Mechs are fun to draw…I started with robotech in HS…This isnt that big of a deal…its is cool…

Jussray abstract robot drawing...

Just to give you an idea…I put a lot of rough ideas in a book and plan them before I work on them…Here is an idea I had for piece that came out of no where…its supposed to be a woman on her knees looking back slyly and is wrapped in beads that are shaped like my logo that are vibrant complementary colors based around a violet purple….and the background will have some psychedelic color…

Jussray Concept Art for Gallery Piece

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A friend of mine wanted me to do their name…so I went ahead and did it…I am not sure if she will like the colors very much…

Michel name in graff

***I hate 2 things I did to this piece 1) I folded it…2) It comprised of 2 sheets of paper…DOAT!!!(Homer Simpson Moment)

Another set of great logos that are going to waste…the client basically wanted me to design some logos for their real estate company and told me I had creative freedom…Here is what I came up with….

MDM Logos

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Sometime I have a tendency to daydream in color and I want to just put it on paper. Could be my subconscious saying something….

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Random Pattern

Random Pattern