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More product from underground comedian Derrick Ellis. I was commissioned
to do logos for his snacks and and candy brands.

Comedian Derrick Ellis commissioned me to do a one-page flyer for his brand of drinking water.

1) Here I just have the label

2) Then I found a hi-res plastic bottle to place the label on

3) I composited the two.

4) Finally, Here is the flyer.

Got to do another cool digital flyer for Jackie Fabulous for her new comic duo show with Shayla Rivera…For some strange reason I really enjoy working with purples…

So…After designing the flyer and the promotion was done. I heard the show was almost packed…Jackie said she attributed the success of the show to my design and positive energy…something like that…maybe she will clean that up…in any event she was pleased with final results…Thank you Jackie for allowing me to work with you on this project

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with comedian Jackie Fabulous…She did two shows and wanted me to design the printed flyers and the online flyer…