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This DJ had a solid set on this night. I happen to catch him when he was having moments…

Local eatery is doing a tribute night to old school Hip Hop. So, I designed accordingly. The yellow flyer is kinda going all out and the bluish purple is more subtle with logos from famous brands back then including, that’s right, the ROO’s logo. 🙂


Was commissioned again by DJ Shanx to do the invitation flyer for Ill Camille’s Release Party in LA. Overall, I went with Helvetica Neue as a font and created little embellishments (musical notes, etc.)

On the first draft he wanted to do a basic black and white design with no graphics.

Then on the second version we added the album cover art and sponsor logos.

Here are some of her videos. Great female mc….I really hope she does well…




Local DJ and close associate asked me to do his business card for him because he was out. I redesign the whole card in Adobe Illustrator. I wish Adobe would makin multiple page docs in illustrator similar to the old school Macromedia Freehand…After all they did buy the company.

Enough of my yapping…His name is DJ Mysterio so of course I used green and different values of gray and made it look like a shiny super hero emblem…


Sean Dunne directs documentary piece about Paul Mawhinney the largest collector of vinyl. The question is…are there any DJs with 3 mil to buy his collection…Shout out to DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist…Maybe DJ NUMARK ???…Then after you buy it…what would you do with it????

Paul Mawhinney

Paul Mawhinney