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Flyer design for Front Room Entertainment event in Oxnard.

I just want to take the time to create a posting that has all of my flyer artwork. I look forward to working on your project soon and thank you to those who allowed me to work on their projects.

Front Room Entertainment’s DJ Shanx hit me up with another project along with The Tree Post Collective ( . These are graphics for a Bay Area campaign for Front Room new artist Ill Camille.

Maybe you wanna know why I chose purple or maybe not. Dunno. I was just feeling this color at the time and I just saw a Mac Dre documentary the night before.

Backstage passes for Ill Camille Show. I really like doing these. I wonder has anyone made a business out of this.


Local eatery is doing a tribute night to old school Hip Hop. So, I designed accordingly. The yellow flyer is kinda going all out and the bluish purple is more subtle with logos from famous brands back then including, that’s right, the ROO’s logo. 🙂


Two flyers promoting two of Ill Camille’s shows in Los Angeles at The Airliner and The Key Club. I thought I would include QR Code linking to her Reverb Nation page to get the most out of the flyer.

I guess things are kinda catching on with the mixtapes. I was commissioned by oldskool hip-hop artist AMG to do digital covers for Malcom Mays.

Doing some research I found out Dionysus was the greek god of wine and partying. So I decide to add that theme as I did the various design progressions.

First Version


Final Version

After having done the cover for T-Mazz I was then commissioned to do the promotional flyers for the digital album release in Los Angeles. T-Mazz from the bay and Los Angeles’ own Perfecto performed that night…I honored to have my work associated with that event…

On this one, I figured, since it was called scratch paper I would use crumbled pieces of paper in the background and place the content in the foreground using colors from the main artist (T-MAZZ) photo and complementary colors to that…

Just to give you an idea…I put a lot of rough ideas in a book and plan them before I work on them…Here is an idea I had for piece that came out of no where…its supposed to be a woman on her knees looking back slyly and is wrapped in beads that are shaped like my logo that are vibrant complementary colors based around a violet purple….and the background will have some psychedelic color…

Jussray Concept Art for Gallery Piece

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