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Here a brochure design I did for an “Agency”. I like the colors and layout I cam up with. Very cool and it fits the whole exercise theme I was going for.


Company representing Dick’s Sporting Goods contacted me to do a poster for a promotion they were doing…..I had to incorporate aggressive fonts and non sports related items (footballs, soccer balls, etc.) but make it sporty

My homeboy June is running cool site called Fresh Kut Ave. It pretty much has to do with everything urban and underground culture. Kicks, music, and more…

I wonder do I have something to do with triggering this since I gave him transforming vinyl nike sneaker that turns into optimus prime…all that said…the site blog is updated weekly with new content…I highly recommend it to people trying to keep up with the latest and if you want to upgrade your swag…

Check Out Fresh Kut

Me personally…Im not easily impressed or influenced by many artist…I like to pick choose….however Shah Wonders is one of those very very few exceptions. This dude has knoown me since the early days of Art Institute of Atlanta and still to this day keeps me wanting to never stop being creative in all things I do…I think everyone needs a mentor or an older brother to put a foot in their arse every now and then to remind them to step their game up….I hope we actually get work on something soon…till then..showing some love and support to my homeboy…SHAH WONDERS