So…Where do I begin…It all started in my brother’s bedroom…I assume being in Modesto, California doesn’t really have that much options of activities to do for a brilliant minded teenager that has a x-military father and a nurse for a mother on the other end of the country(a whole other story entirely)….so it began with building small database pages and using his big brother’s logo (jussray.com) and knocking it off for a branded site…then evolving to something entirely on its own…he mentions in a conversation…”Hey! I am building this cool new website…tell all your friends!!!”…being an older sibling, of course, I wanted to be supportive and I did what I was asked to do….however, being me…I am very ambitious, so I wanted to take the site to the next level….having already had this idea predating friendster, myspace, hi-five, facebook and all the other unimportant social networking sites…through the daunting task of trying to build our dream of a mega social networking site I took on the task of being marketing person to get the word out about the site and get people to believe in the brand along the way…there was the ambitious magazine editor…which led me to the female computer scientist and her eccentric rapper boyfriend…to a series of music industry parties and some parties of sorts I care not to mention…to event coordinating…then event planning….mixtape sessions late nights in Hollywood…then enlisting the help of mentors and seeking vc capital from overzealous investment bankers…which was interesting, because as I should have known having 4 million dollar carrot dangling in front of your face was almost too go to be true, however we made steps to prep deal memos and all other necessary documents for the injection of financial stimulus into or growing project…with all that said the 4 million dollar carrot dropped due to the lack of follow-up and poor communication on the behave of our primary contact person…with that came loss of faith in the home grown project and absentee-ism of friendships and support from some… I guess through all of this I have learned who are your real friends and how much heart it takes to build something great…

The next phase is coming…

I would like to thank everyone that supported me through the growth of picvibe.com and those that have remained with us though the good, the bad and the ugly…

Stay Tuned…

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